More fun with Nucleus & ScribeFire

I’m still working out the kinks between Nucleus & ScribeFire, but so far it is working very well.  I have ScribeFire installed on a PortableApps version of Firefox which resides on a thumb drive, so I can blog easily from anywhere.  One thing that has been driving me a little nuts, though, is the lack of an easy way to break a post into an excerpt and an extended entry from withiin ScribeFire.  I’ve solved that problem however. Continue Reading…

How to Set up ScribeFire for Nucleus CMS

I’ve been looking at ways to make it easier for me to post here more regularly.  Between projects, work, life, etc… I don’t post as often as I should.  So I’m currently trying out the Firefox Add-in ScribeFire.  Scribefire is a “blogging client” that allows you to write a post offline, and it automagically posts it to your blog.  However, since Nucleus isn’t the most popular of blogging platforms, there are some quirks to installation.  First of all, ScribeFire has an excellent auto-detect feature.  You simply enter the URL of your blog, and it generally detects whatever settings it needs.  It doesn’t detect Nucleus, however.  For Nucleus, you have to “Configure Manually”, choose metaWeblog API from the drop down menu, and use
as your API URL.  Voila, it works.  This posting is the result of my first use of ScribeFire, so we’ll see what happens.