More fun with Nucleus & ScribeFire

I’m still working out the kinks between Nucleus & ScribeFire, but so far it is working very well.  I have ScribeFire installed on a PortableApps version of Firefox which resides on a thumb drive, so I can blog easily from anywhere.  One thing that has been driving me a little nuts, though, is the lack of an easy way to break a post into an excerpt and an extended entry from withiin ScribeFire.  I’ve solved that problem however. Enter the fabulous Nucleus plugin, NP_AutoExtented.   Auto Extented automatically breaks a post into a body and an extended entry.  You can set the break to a certain number of words, paragraphs, or more importantly for ScribeFire, the keyword “pagebreak”.  This post itself is being written with ScribeFire, and since I have AutoEntented enabled on my blog, I simply used ScribeFire to “insert a custom HTML tag”, that tag being <pagebreak>, and it automagically formats my extended entry.  Voila!