It’s a major award!

OK, extra credit to anyone who gets the movie reference in the title to this post. But I was recently honored to have “Blooming”, one of my recent projects featured at the Nucleus CMS Skins Site. Nucleus is a very powerful blogging software, similar to WordPress or Blogger, and it’s what I use to power all of my blog sites. Nucleus maintains a database of all of your blog posts and manages the navigation of the blog site. It also allows you to create “skins” or custom designs that overlay the site. Blooming was an original design by which I ported to the Nucleus system. You can download the skin here, or you can get it from the Nucleus Skins Site along with many other great skins for Nucleus CMS.
As always, I am available to create custom skins and themes for your blog (whether Nucleus or WordPress) or to port an existing design to a blog skin or theme.