5 reasons why I got rid of Adsense

If you’re a frequent (or even repeat) visitor then you may have noticed a slight change. That’s right, no more advertising on the site. In the past, I thought it would be a good idea to run Google Adsense, in addition to a couple of affiliate programs. The thinking went something like this: “I get lots of traffic to my site. Most people don’t mind seeing some advertising, and it might make me a bit of extra money.” Well, frankly I’ve always been uncomfortable with it, and I recently decided to get rid of the advertising completely. The reason that I decided to stop advertising on my blog is trust. That’s right, trust. My blog is my social currency; I use this forum to help demonstrate my skill to potential clients and to establish myself as an “expert” in the field of technology. Running cheap ads on the same site just cheapens it, and gives potential clients that little bit of creepiness that comes from knowing I’m trying to make money off them. I make money by selling my skills, expertise & experience in the field of web development. I don’t need to run advertising alongside that. If anything it justs waters down my message, and causes my main form of advertisement (my website) to lose focus. In the end, I want potential clients (and everyone else) to feel good about visiting my website. I want them to get my message, and understand what Hibbitts Consulting is all about. I certainly don’t want to give them the impression that I’m trying to use them for advertising revenue.

Now, I still own other websites where advertising is more appropriate. I haven’t sworn off advertising, and I may still review & recommend services & product that I really believe in, but I will not add confusion to MY marketing message by advertising on my own website.

Of course, I lied. There aren’t really five reasons why I stopped running ads. I figure the one big reason counts for as much as five small reasons.