Hibbitts Consulting is now TechnoPoetic

a new direction

Welcome to TechnoPoetic, the new home of Hibbitts Consulting.  For some time now, I’ve felt that Hibbitts Consulting was becoming too much of a constraint, so I’m moving in a new direction with TechnoPoetic.  The purpose of the change in venue is to give me a bit more freedom.  A client said to me recently, “Rich, you’re a man of many talents.”  And TechnoPoetic is going to be a place where I can stretch  myself and explore some of those talents.  Hibbitts Consulting was a place that really focused on web development and business tools.  TechnoPoetic is going to be a place where I can explore a bit more, and hopefully share some of my passions with the world.  I’ve migrated everything over, so hopefully you’ll be able to find anything that you need.  Hopefully you’ll find plenty to keep you interested as I head off on this new path.

Thanks for stopping by,