One less free online web meeting tool

For all of the small business owners out there who rely on online webinar or web meeting tools, your choices just got smaller. DimDim, which was arguably the leader in online web meeting tools, was just purchased by Purchased for an estimated $31 million (US), the DimDim team has a lot to be happy about, but this does leave a lot of small business users in the lurch.
One of the great things about DimDim, was the availability of a free plan which allowed users to host limited web meetings and webinars. Unfortunately, with the purchase by, this option is no longer available. The announcement was sent out today to all registered users and contains very little hope for fans of DimDim.
Essentially, DimDim will end all service on March 15th of this year. No extensions, no excuses, no exceptions. I for one am currently searching for a replacement for the free DimDim webinar service, and will update this post when and if I find one.